adding some cleanup crew

The tank has now stabilised down, so time to get some clean up crew.

As you see in some of the pictures, the tank has quiet a nasty cyanobacteria outbreak, along with a huge amount of green algae, and a huge amount of bubble algea.

So along come 10 turbo snails, 4 red legged hermit crabs, and 2 emerald green crabs. This may be a bit much (but i can always sell back to LFS…)

Oh and whilst i was there, I purchased a new refractometer, one very useful bit of kit for measuring the salt levels.

been doing some cleaning

Time to get rid of some coralline algae off the display surfaces, and some cleaning done…

we have a casualty

The water cleared within a few hours, and waiting for the tank to setle down a bit. We do however have a casualty, cause unknown, but most likely stress from the move.

The new tank

I have acquired a new Reef Tank…

This is a Boyu MT450, which has been extensively modified. The main tank filtration has been removed, and replaced with a sump area, to hold a DSB & Live rock, along with the associated filtration and pump equipment.

2 turbo heads are located within the main display tank, which should provide ample water flow.