LED light upgrade

So I have been busy researching on replacing the 2*18 compact pl lights that have are installed within the hood.

My main reasons for this are that

1) I want more lighting, so I can have more complex coral
2) I want to reduce the running costs (60 GPB every 6 months for bulb replacements will be expensive) along with the current load which for the hood is approx 70(ish) watts
3) To reduce the total heat load on the system, currently I am evaporating 1-2l of water a day
4) I want to keep the hood on the display tank

So to look at off the shelf units, the TMC Aquabeam 100 reef light is sort of what I require (; however, this unit on its own is over 200 gpb, and the lighting controller is around 80 gpb… I would really like a bit more light (so 1.5 of these units)…

So time to investigate a home build solution, which will be integrated with the new Raspberry Pi I have on order (so to get some nice lighting effects),

So what I can calculate so far (I am awaiting some demo units from china to confirm my calculations)

the system will need a total of (hardware)

7* Cree XPG Q5 LED’s
8 * Cree XRE Royal Blue LED’s
2 * dimmable 27w constant current led drivers (maybe more at a lesser wattage depending on my effects programmming)
1 * 300mm x 250mm heatsink
1 * (possibly) 120mm fan
10 * xml 80 deg lenses
5 * XRE 80 deg lenses

a shed load of C++ code to control it all…

so here’s awaiting the samples so I can “test” things 🙂

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