Silencing the TMC V2 120 Skim

One thing that has really been annoying me over the last few weeks, is the horrendous noise the skimmer makes. The unit in question is the TMC v2 Skim 120 (

After a bit of playing around, I found the source of the noise is the air inlet on the unit. So time to get the Dremel out….

First step, is to split the unit as per the manufacturers instructions,

Here are some pictures of the bit we will be removing :

Now time to get the dremel and drill out…

First remove the top of the air intake :

Now I removed the blue air-intake and removed this bit

I had a bit of spare 6mm air tubing with a silencer on the end


So i drilled the hole that was left, out to 6mm

Now time to re-assemble…

First remove the blue pipe completely from the mixing head, and push your new hose onto this

Now re-assemble as per manufacturers instructions..

The skimmer re-assembled

Silence 🙂

Please note: this is a Guide only, I take no responsibly for you damaging your own equipment, yourself, or your tank.

9 thoughts on “Silencing the TMC V2 120 Skim

  1. Hello Adam,

    I was delighted when I stumbled across your video on youtube last night. This led me to attempt having a go at silencing my TMC V2 200 Protein Skimmer. I have removed the piping, drilled the holes and fitted the pipe… However… I am having problems finding a “silencer”?!? Could you please give me some more information as to what you used and where you got it from?

    Thank you for your help


  2. Hi Blimburn,

    The easiest and cheapest option an ordinary airstone which you should be able to pick one up from your local pet shop.


  3. Hello Adam,

    Thank you for the prompt reply. I had actually tried the airstone method today to no avail. I have done lots of hunting and I think I have finally found out what it is called… A venturi value?

    Please advise me further

    Thanks in advance


  4. Hi Adam, Followed your instructions and it worked brilliantly! After a year and a half of putting up with that damned squelching noise, just a quick ten minute job and it’s sorted. Yippeeeee! Peace and quiet! Thanks for taking the time to help others

    Gill x

  5. I have this skimmer, however it’s on a frag tank in the garage, so the noise is not an issue.

    Have you noticed any difference in ‘foam’ creation at the cup? The 2nd video does seem to have a lot more water in the cone than the 1st, could this be due to reduced air intake created by the mod?

    Might be an idea / option to replace the impeller for a pin wheel type, thus improving bubble size and surface area.. and maybe noise benefits at the same time?

  6. Does the modification make any difference to the foam production in the cup? Looking at the 2nd video it looks like there is more water in the cone than in the 1st video?

    Has anyone been able to source a pinwheel impeller to replace the imeller in this model to create smaller bubbles and possibly reduce the sucking noise?

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